Getting Started

Evie is an artificially intelligent scheduling assistant who helps coordinate meetings and calls with others. Evie handles all the back and forth negotiations, follows up with attendees, sends out invitations, and sends out reminders on the day of the meeting. If you are someone who takes many meetings every week, Evie will save you both time and headspace to work on the things that matter. 

You can use Evie anytime you need to organize meetings or calls with others and don’t want to deal with the back and forth of coordinating a time. Some of our users also prefer asking Evie to add events to their schedule rather than fiddling with their smartphone calendars on the go. You can get Evie to send out calendar invites, block out time in your schedule, or set a reminder.

When you are scheduling a meeting with others, simply copy Evie into an email with your invitees and instruct Evie to schedule a meeting or call with them during a desired period of time (e.g., “on Monday,” “later this week”, “next week” etc.) and she will figure out the rest.

You’ll need either a Google or Office 365 account and to give Evie access to the calendar.

We are an assistant service and trust is at the center of what we do. In order to effectively manage your schedule, Evie will have access to your calendar. This information is encrypted in transit and at rest, and we guard it with our lives! (Actually, with military-grade technology.) We will never use this information for marketing purposes.

Evie only has access to the emails where you CC her, we do not crawl or read your emails. Also we never take any attachments from your emails.

You can change your account status through the billing tab of your Evie dashboard

You can login to your account here to change your credit card information.

Meetings and Invitations

Copy Evie into the email with the other attendees and instruct Evie to schedule a meeting or a call with them. You may indicate a desired range of time e.g. “this week” or “next Tuesday”. Or you may leave it open ended and Evie will coordinate a mutually suitable time for everyone. If you want more details on what Evie can do, please see the Evie 101 page.

If you have instructed Evie to schedule a meeting, then much like a human assistant would, Evie will send an email to the other attendees on the email thread and propose 2 suitable time slots based on your calendar and preferences. She will then take their responses into account and try to coordinate a confirmed time that works for everyone. You can choose to remain copied on all emails Evie sends out, or you might want to preserve inbox sanity by turning that functionality off. On the day of the meeting, she’ll send out a reminder to all participants.

Evie will treat anyone in the “To” field as required attendees and those in the “Cc” field as optional attendees. Evie will confirm the event so long as she’s received the OK from all the required attendees.

All you have to do is tell Evie which city the other participant is based in e.g. “Evie, Bill is based in San Francisco.” Be sure to use the city and not the country since some countries (like the U.S.) have multiple timezones.

You can set up a recurring meeting with this simple instruction “Evie, please find us a time for a weekly 30 minutes one-on-one.”

You can set default durations for both in person meetings and calls in your Preferences Center. If however you need to schedule an event outside of these preferences on an exceptional basis, simply tell Evie e.g. “Hey Evie, can you schedule quick 30 minute call with Stacy next week?”

Whenever you are on the road, you can set up your Out of Office preferences. This will let Evie know:

  1. Your period of travel
  2. Your location
  3. Whether you are open to calls, meetings, both or you will be entire unavailable during this time

Evie will, very politely, follow up with non-responsive participants twice. If she receives no response after the second follow up, she will check back with you for further instructions.

Reply to the original thread and tell her as you would naturally.“Evie, please reschedule the meeting with Stacy. Let’s try early next week.”

Hit Reply to Evie on the email thread where the meeting was arranged and just tell Evie to cancel meeting. She will remove the calendar invite and send out a cancellation notification to all parties.

When Evie is coordinating between multiple users of her services, she will warn if she sees that one or more participants have a conflict during the period she’s been asked to schedule an event. She does this to call out that not every required attendee may be able to attend during that time.

Evie does not have a limit to the number of invitees, though we do find it takes a longer thread to coordinate time with a large number of attendees.

Of course! Many of our users ask Evie to do just this – especially when they are on the go and don’t want to fiddle with their smartphone calendars. Just say, for example, “Evie, please block an hour on my calendar from 4pm tomorrow.”

Evie Customization

Sorry, we currently do not support changing the name to something other than Evie. You can however customize the domain that Evie is on to your own personal domain and customize Evie’s signature if you are on the Business Plan.

Yes, you can have a custom signature if you are part of the Business Plan.

As part of the business plan you can also have your own evie@yourcompany.com. For instructions on how to setup your custom Evie domain, please see here for Google users and here for Office 365 users.


Login to your Personal Dashboard and add as many of your Google or Office 365 accounts as you use for scheduling.

[T] indicates a tentative block on a time slot. These are slots that have been offered to someone and is pending their confirmation. Once a time is fixed, Evie will remove the [T]s and send out an invite for the confirmed time.

When picking times to propose, Evie takes into account any specific instructions that you may have given her e.g. “Evie please find a time next Tuesday…”, as well as meeting time preferences you may have set up in your Personal Dashboard.

You can set up default preferred meeting times here. If Evie can’t find a time that works within those preset preferences (for example, if she’s scheduling across time zones) she’ll try her best and then let you know in the newly proposed times. Keep in mind sometimes when you are trying to meet across time zones or with many attendees she may have to extend outside your preferred times.

Accounts and Billing

We want all our users to experience the full version of Evie, so everyone starts on the Business Plan trial! Don’t worry – you don’t have to give us your payment details until your trial expires. At that point, you’ll automatically be enrolled on the Free Plan if you don’t input payment details.

Yes, if you are on the Enterprise Plan.  Please reach out to hello@evie.ai if you’re interested.

Yes, you can pay annually. We offer both monthly and annual subscriptions. Check here for more details.

Billing occurs at the beginning of the month. 

You or any other account admin can update your payment method on the billing tab of your Evie dashboard.

We relaunched Evie to focus on businesses! If you were previously on the Professional Plan, we have migrated you to the Business Plan. The Business Plan is more expensive, but the price for former Professional Plan users remains the same as before. If you were a Professional Plan user paying on an annual basis, you’ll see credits on your account for the rest of your annual plan, after which you’ll be converted to monthly billing.

There are a number of new features on the Business Plan that you can now take advantage of. You can now create your own Evie team and invite your colleagues. Evie makes scheduling within teams a breeze because she has access to everyone’s calendars. Keep in mind that we bill on a team basis, so we will be charging the credit card you have on file each month for every user on your team. Click here to start onboarding team members

You can also give Evie a customized email address (evie@yourdomain.com) and customize her signature on the emails she sends out. You’ll first need to connect Evie to your custom domain account (i.e. an email address not ending in gmail.com or outlook.com.) Then go to your team’s setup page create a custom Evie email.