Evie 101


Since this might be your first time using or considering a virtual assistant, we thought we’d get you started with some tips on how to engage with Evie.


Introducing Evie in email

Sometimes it can be hard to introduce a new virtual assistant in an email. We’ve seen introductions like: “I’m trying out Evie, a new AI assistant for scheduling – let me cc her to see how she does at finding us a time to meet”. It’s best to be explicit to Evie about what your time preferences are and if you want her to plan a time or just send an invite only.

Planning a meeting

Once you add Evie on cc she’ll propose a time based on your calendar, the text of the email and preferences, and then wait for responses. Once everyone’s confirmed, she’ll send out a meeting invitation.

Sending an invite

You can also have Evie send out calendar invites after you’ve already arranged a time offline or verbally . Simply cc your invitees and tell Evie to send an invite, specifying your prearranged time and location.

Meeting invitations

Evie will send out an invitation to all the attendees on your behalf– the subject line will include the type of meeting and the attendees. . If it’s an internal meeting, she’ll use the names of the attendees; if it’s an external meeting, she’ll use the names of the companies. For example: Call Dave x Elaine or Meeting National Gallery x EDB.

Meeting request follow ups

By default, Evie will follow up with your invitees if she doesn’t receive a response to her suggested times After 3 chaser emails, if she doesn’t hear back from your invitee, Evie will come back to you to ask if you would like her to stop scheduling.

Evie 201

Scheduling with multiple users

Evie will keep all invitees on the same thread to help the invitees get to an agreed upon time sooner.

Required versus optional attendees

Put all required attendees on the to line, anyone optional on the cc. Evie will send out a meeting invite as soon as all the required attendees have agreed to a time.

Planning with other Evie users

If you are scheduling with other Evie users, she will work for both of you and schedule a time based on both of your available and preferred times.

Rescheduling and cancelling meetings

Reply back to the thread that Evie was on and she can help with rescheduling or send out a cancellation if there are changes.

Locations for meetings

If you have an agreed to location for a meeting or contact details for a call outside of your default preferences, let Evie know in the email and she’ll include those details on the meeting invitation.

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Meeting durations

By default, Evie schedules meetings for 60 minutes. If you prefer a different duration please let Evie know. You can also update your default meeting times in your meet preferences in your dashboard.

Meetings across time zones

By default, Evie uses the home time zone in your settings to schedule all meetings. If you have attendees that are based in other cities, simply tell Evie in your request to her, and she’ll find the best time across the multiple time zones.

Meetings outside your preferred time

If you’d like to have Evie plan a meeting outside of your default preferred time, let her know in the email so she knows to look in the newly available times.

Recurring meetings

Evie can now help you organize and add recurring meetings to you calendar. You can ask her to help you book a recurring meeting, send a recurring invite or setup a recurring calendar block.

We love to hear from you !

Evie is constantly learning and we are always working to improve the experience. To that end, we would love your suggestions and feedback!

Email hello@evie.ai any time – I’d love to hear from you.